Hello Work offices to facilitate online job hunting from home with IT upgrades


The Hello Work chain of public job-placement offices will facilitate job searches from home and improve its usability by employers by adopting more information technology.

The changes are aimed at promoting smoother matches between job seekers and companies, said an official of the labor ministry, which runs the chain.

Job seekers can currently only browse a limited amount of the network’s job information on the internet and must visit a Hello Work office to get the full details.

Starting in January, however, they will be able to access all of the information via personal computers and smartphones, after registering at one of the offices.

By setting up personal pages on Hello Work’s computer system, they will also be able to save their data on their search conditions and job offers.

In the future, Hello Work offices plan to let people apply for jobs online and receive offers directly from companies if they make their registered information public.

The offices also will provide more detailed information on working conditions, such as systems to let employees work from home or return to their jobs after breaks, measures to fight passive smoking and rules on overtime pay.

Such information is expected to narrow the gap between job seekers’ impressions and reality, a shift that could help prevent new hires from quitting quickly.

Companies will not have to make subsequent visits to Hello Work offices to offer jobs once they set up their own information management pages on its system. Employers will also be able to revise information on available jobs online, as well as run more active recruitment campaigns by posting pictures and information.

In fiscal 2017, the number of new job seekers registered with Hello Work offices totaled 4.95 million and new job offers came to 10.24 million, with 1.55 million people getting jobs.

The labor ministry is disbursing ¥21 billion over a three-year period from fiscal 2017 to upgrade the system for Hello Work offices.