30 firms in Japan have made Reiwa part of their corporate names since April 1 announcement


The number of companies in Japan that have adopted Reiwa — the name announced for the country’s forthcoming new era — as part of their corporate names has reached 30, Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd. said.

There were no such firms before the name of the new era was announced April 1.

Of the total, 12 firms were newly established, while 18 companies had changed their corporate names, the credit research firm said on Wednesday. Of them, 21 adopted new names including Reiwa on the day of the era announcement.

Of the firms that changed their names, Reiwa Kensetsu, a general contractor based in Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture, is the largest company in terms of sales. It was established in 1963 and was formerly known as Matsumaru Industries Co.

A publisher in Tokyo, set up in April last year as Heisei Shoseki, changed its name to Reiwa Shoseki.

By prefecture, Fukuoka, home to a historical site believed to be the place where the ancient poem that provided the basis for the new era name was written, saw the largest number of firms using Reiwa in their names, at five.

Reiwa is set to replace the current Heisei Era on May 1, when Crown Prince Naruhito accedes the throne after the abdication of Emperor Akihito the day before.