2.55 million Tokyoites would need to evacuate in event of major flood caused by super typhoon

JIJI, Kyodo

If a super typhoon hits the Tokyo metropolitan area and causes floods that coincide with high tide, it would be necessary to evacuate 2.55 million of the capital’s residents and send many to places other than their local evacuation center, an estimate has shown.

The estimate, released by a joint team of the central and Tokyo metropolitan governments on Tuesday, is based on a scenario in which the capital’s major rivers, such as the Arakawa and Edogawa, are massively flooded.

Tokyo has 2,100 designated evacuation centers that are unlikely to be flooded, with a total accommodation capacity of 1.56 million people.

But given that they will accommodate residents from their own localities, their capacity for evacuees from other parts of Tokyo would be limited to about a third of the 2.55 million, according to the estimate.

The team will estimate how many Tokyo residents may be able to evacuate to nearby prefectures, such as Chiba and Saitama, while also asking companies and private facilities to accept evacuees. It also plans to work out measures to address the capacity shortage at Tokyo evacuation centers by the end of March 2020.