754 pass Japanese government's first unified hiring exam for people with disabilities


A total of 754 candidates have passed the government’s first unified employment examination for people with disabilities, according to the National Personnel Authority.

The examination started early last month and the list of successful applicants was announced Friday. They will start working as civil servants at ministries, agencies or their branches across Japan from as early as Monday.

The unified exam was created after several state entities were found to have padded employment numbers for people with disabilities.

A total of 8,712 people applied for the exam, meaning only one in about 11.6 people passed.

The ministries and agencies initially planned to hire 676 people with disabilities but hired more at the request of the National Personnel Authority.

The youngest person to pass the exam was 18 and the oldest was 59.

Of the successful applicants, 432 people have mental disabilities, 319 have physical disabilities and three have intellectual disabilities.

The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry hired the largest number, at 174, followed by the Justice Ministry with 138, and the National Tax Agency with 90.

With the government aiming to employ some 4,000 workers with disabilities for regular and part-time positions by the end of the year, further steps will be required to reach the target.