New website of Japan's Prime Minister's Office takes its cue from Trump White House


The new website of the Prime Minister’s Office, which has become less wordy and uses more pictures after a recent design overhaul, resembles the site of the White House.

The Prime Minister’s Office implemented the change on March 2, making the Japanese version of the website easier to use for smartphone users.

For the renewal, the office took into consideration the websites of foreign governments.

The office put emphasis on visual appearance, an official said, adding that no major change in content was made.

The top page with its image of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is very similar in structure to that of the White House’s website, which features an image of U.S. President Donald Trump.

The two websites also share features such as menu buttons on the top left and search boxes on the top right.

The new page that lists the past and current Japanese Cabinets is different from a similar page before the renewal in that Abe’s current Cabinet is placed at the top, with a stress on Abe’s long tenure as prime minister.

The changes were made without any political intentions, the Cabinet Public Relations Office said.