Yasuta Sato, founder and former president of toymaker Takara, dies at age 94


Yasuta Sato, the founder and former president of Japanese toy maker Takara Co., died of old age Tuesday. He was 94.

Born in Fukushima Prefecture, Sato launched a business in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward in 1953.

The company hit the jackpot with the inflatable “Dakko-chan” plastic doll in 1960 and was renamed Takara in 1967.

Under Sato’s initiative, Takara released many products that captured the hearts of children, including the smash-hit “Licca-chan” cute doll series, the “Choro-Q,” or Penny Racers, minicar line and the “Game of Life” board game played with a roulette wheel.

He retired as supreme adviser to Takara in 2002.