Safety of 2,936 children flagged in June still unknown as of November, welfare ministry says


The number of children who had not been confirmed safe as of the end of November totaled 2,936, the welfare ministry said in a report Thursday.

Some 15,270 children who haven’t received early medical checkups or enrolled in childcare facilities or schools were identified as those whose safety was not confirmed as of June 1 last year.

Of them, 2,936 children had still not been confirmed safe by municipal officials by the end of November.

The survey was conducted in response to the death of an abused 5-year-old girl in Tokyo last year.

Of the children, 2,480, or 84.5 percent of the total, are preschoolers, followed by elementary school students at 263, or 9.0 percent, junior high school students at 147, or 5.0 percent, and children who graduated from junior high school at 46, or 1.6 percent.

By prefecture, Tokyo had the most children whose safety was unknown, with 921, followed by Chiba, with 238.

Of the children whose safety was confirmed, 143 were found to have been abused and 10 were placed in temporary protective custody by child consultation centers.

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