Pilot's drinking on previous day delays five flights operated by ANA Wings


All Nippon Airways, the core unit of ANA Holdings Inc., said Thursday that five flights operated by group company ANA Wings had been delayed earlier in the day after a pilot in his 40s failed a breath test.

The pilot had drunk alcohol the previous day, according to ANA. The airline said it will deal with the incident strictly in line with company rules.

The ANA Wings pilot, on loan from ANA, was scheduled to board a flight from Osaka’s Itami Airport to Miyazaki Airport on Thursday morning.

The pilot failed the breath test after arriving at Itami Airport early Thursday. He had drunk two 350-milliliter cans of whiskey and soda at a hotel in Osaka the previous day.

He was replaced on the flight and five flights were delayed as a result by a maximum of one hour and 44 minutes. The delays affected a total of 677 passengers.

Last October, a male ANA Wings pilot was unable to perform his duties a day after he drank alcoholic beverages while on Ishigaki Island, in Okinawa Prefecture.

The transport ministry issued strict warnings to ANA Wings and ANA in December over the incident.

ANA said it is taking the latest drinking incident seriously.