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Florida woman reunited with daughter she thought died at birth 69 years ago


An 88-year-old American woman has been reunited with the daughter she was told had died at birth 69 years ago, The New York Times reported.

Genevieve Purinton of Tampa, Florida, 69-year-old Connie Moultroup of Richmond, Vermont, for the first time this month, the newspaper said.

Purinton was 18 years old and unmarried when she gave birth to a girl in Gary, Indiana.

“I was told it was a girl, but she died,” she told the Times.

The newspaper said that in fact, a doctor at the hospital where Purinton gave birth had arranged for the baby to be adopted.

Moultroup tracked down her birth mother after taking a DNA test on, the Times said.

She traveled to Florida this month to meet her.

“You’re not dead!” Purinton said when they were reunited.

“It was a bawlfest,” said Moultroup. “She was so happy to meet me.”