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Tokyo firm to help non-Japanese find work under new visa category


A company called one visa Inc., which supports online visa applications, has announced plans to launch new services for foreign workers hoping to come to Japan under a newly created visa category.

The Tokyo-based company will collaborate with Kansai University and Seven Bank to help prospective foreign workers receive Japanese-language education and open a bank account in Japan after their arrival, according to the plans announced Monday.

The visa category, including for blue-collar workers, is one of two categories to be introduced next April under the revised immigration control law that was enacted Saturday. The aim is to accept more foreign workers to ease the labor shortage in the face of the declining population.

The company will introduce prospective foreign workers to Japanese-language schools in their countries and to places of employment in Japan. It will in turn receive fees from relevant businesses.

The company has already opened a training center in Cambodia under the supervision of Kansai University to help people learn Japanese and other skills.

The center is funded through fees paid by companies and does not collect tuition from students who wish to work in Japan, officials of one visa said.

To help foreign workers live and settle in Japan, one visa plans to provide rent guarantee services by using credit scores based on their information at the time of visa acquisition and income information obtained from their workplaces in Japan.

Seven Bank aims to use the information to shorten the time necessary for foreign workers to open a bank account to a few days from the roughly six months it usually takes due to various checks.

One visa will set further details of the new services after examining government and ministerial ordinances on the new visa program, the officials said.