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Mos Food Services estimates first net loss in 11 years


Hamburger chain operator Mos Food Services Inc. said it expects to log its first consolidated net loss in 11 years for the year through March 2019.

The company has forecast a net loss of ¥800 million compared to an initial estimate of ¥2.5 billion in net profit.

The dismal outlook comes as Mos Food Services is set to pay a total of ¥961 million to some 1,100 member stores across the country to make up for a fall in sales following food poisoning cases, the company said Monday.

In August, a total of 28 customers who dined at Mos Burger restaurants in Tokyo and seven prefectures in the Kanto-Koshin region complained of apparent food poisoning symptoms.

Mos Food Services concluded that it is highly likely that the cases were caused by food delivered from the headquarters to the restaurants.

The company is making efforts to prevent any recurrence of the problem, such as strengthening the vegetable sterilization process.