Universal Studios Japan to cut ticket prices for fall off-season


USJ Co. said Thursday it would lower ticket prices for Universal Studios Japan during the theme park’s off-season, while raising them during busy periods.

The operator of the park in the western city of Osaka said it would adopt a new price system to spread the concentration of visitors and ease congestion.

The system will be applied to one-day tickets from Jan. 10, 2019.

During the off-peak period from Jan. 10 through Jan. 31 next year, tickets will be priced at ¥7,400 for those aged 12 or over, down from the current ¥7,900, and at ¥5,100 for children aged between 4 and 11, down from ¥5,400.

Meanwhile, admission fees in February and March for those aged 12 or over will be priced at ¥8,200 or ¥8,700, depending on the day of their visit.

Pricing from April will be more flexible, to take into account national holidays and other factors.