Skylark Holdings to reduce plastic straw use by 2020 in first such move by major Japan restaurant chain operator


Restaurant chain operator Skylark Holdings Co. will cut almost all use of disposable plastic straws at all of its group outlets by 2020, officials said Thursday.

Skylark will stop distributing plastic straws by the end of this year at its Gusto restaurant chain, which has the largest number of outlets in the country among the group companies.

The group will also stop using plastic straws at other restaurant chains, such as Bamiyan and Jonathan’s.

Skylark is believed to be the first major Japanese restaurant operator to adopt the policy of stopping the use of plastic straws.

Moves among U.S. and other foreign companies to ban plastic straws are reaching Japan, industry sources said.

Gusto has 1,368 outlets in Japan and customers use some 60 million plastic straws annually. But the chain has yet to find an alternative to the plastic straws.

It will continue to provide straws to customers who need them, including children and people with disabilities.