Farm damage from Japan's rain disaster put at ¥48.1 billion


Damage on the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors from the recent torrential rain that hit mainly western Japan has been estimated at ¥48.05 billion, the agriculture ministry said.

The figure, assessed as of Monday morning and up from ¥43.69 billion as of Sunday morning, is expected to increase further, with more damage on farmland, forests and agricultural facilities likely to be confirmed.

Concerns are growing over protracted adverse effects on production.

The damage from flooding and landslides breaks down into ¥2.24 billion for farm products, including vegetables and fruits, ¥8.13 billion for farmland and ¥12.46 billion for agricultural facilities such as farm roads and reservoirs.

In addition, forest damage caused by fallen trees and landslides stood at ¥15.78 billion, damage on forestry roads ¥7.35 billion and damage on ports ¥780 million.

As damage to agricultural products in Okayama Prefecture, one of the hardest hit prefectures, started to be assessed Monday, the ministry believes that the damage figure seems set to rise further, an official said.

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