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320,000 pieces of customer data stolen from 400 lodging providers in Japan


Hotel-booking website operator Fastbooking Co. has said its server was hacked leading to the theft of around 320,000 pieces of customer data from about 400 lodging providers in Japan that use the reservation system, including major chain Prince Hotels.

Fastbooking said the data breach included 120,000 pieces of information from credit cards through overseas booking websites provided by the Paris-based company, which deals with 3,500 hotels in 90 countries.

“All of our markets have been affected but this represents a minority of our customers,” a spokeswoman for Fastbooking said.

She declined to say how many hotels were affected, but said data from Japan made up a large portion of the compromised information.

The French company declined to name the affected hotels, but some Japanese lodging providers have voluntarily come forward to warn former guests.

Wednesday, Fujita Kanko Inc., which operates the Washington Hotel chain, said 25,000 pieces of customer information had been stolen through the booking website.

Other hotel operators, including Hotel Monterey, Hankyu Hanshin Hotels and Royal Holdings, also said customer data including names, addresses and nationalities were stolen.

Prince Hotels Inc. said Tuesday that about 125,000 pieces of customer information had been stolen through its English, Chinese and Korean booking websites.

Prince Hotels president Masahiko Koyama apologized and bowed deeply at a news conference Tuesday.

“We’re deeply sorry for causing great concern and trouble,” he said.

The hotel chain said it was suspending online bookings until it could ensure security.

The hotel operators said they have not confirmed any misuse of the stolen data.