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Rokuro Hidaka, a prominent Japanese sociologist and author who led protests against the Vietnam War, died in Kyoto on Thursday of natural causes, an acquaintance said. He was 101.

Hidaka led other campaigns and efforts as well, including opposition to the 1960 Japan-U.S. Security Treaty; opposition to revising Japan’s pacifist Constitution; the providing of support to the victims of industrial mercury poisoning and working to help Vietnam War deserters.

He is the author of “Sengo Shiso wo Kangaeru,” which was published in English under the title “The Price of Affluence: Dilemmas of Contemporary Japan.” He was also known for translating into Japanese “Escape from Freedom” by German-born American social psychologist Erich Fromm.

Born in Qingdao, China, Hidaka graduated from Tokyo Imperial University, now known as the University of Tokyo, before becoming an associate professor at the university. He was promoted to professor in 1960.