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Japan's ruling parties compromise, agree to develop three casino resorts


The ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its junior coalition party, Komeito, agreed Monday to the building of integrated resorts that feature casinos in three locations.

The LDP had called for developing Japan’s first casino resorts in four to five places while Komeito had favored the idea of limiting the number to two or three.

During Monday’s talks, the LDP agreed to a deal on three casino resorts on condition the ceiling on the number of such resorts be reviewed seven years after approval of the first facility. Komeito initially wanted 10 years, sources said.

However, the two parties failed to reach an agreement on the fee customers will be charged to enter the facilities.

Komeito has demanded the entry fee be set at ¥8,000 per person, as is done in Singapore, while the LDP has insisted on ¥5,000, citing a difference in per capita gross domestic product between Japan and Singapore.

The two parties will continue discussing the entrance fee issue, the sources said, adding that they will also review a plan on taxing revenues generated by the resorts. An earlier proposal called for a 30 percent tax on such revenue.