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Fake Trump and Kim thank Olympics organizers after causing commotion at opening ceremony


Lookalikes of U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who caused a stir at Friday’s Pyeongchang Olympics opening ceremony have thanked organizers for their tender loving care.

The feuding “world leaders” sparked excitement when they infiltrated the press area before being tackled by security.

But the Kim impersonator, who goes by the stage name of “Howard X,” insisted they had not been ejected from the stadium — merely escorted back to their seats.

“We tried to sneak into the media section so we could wave to the athletes,” he said Saturday. “They didn’t kick us out; we had tickets. A bunch of journalists were chasing us, so security took us outside so we could get to our seats. They were very professional and just doing their jobs. They even provided us with an entourage, so we looked like the real thing, and it caused even more of a commotion.”

The organizers of the games insisted normal protocol had been followed.

“There was no problem with their costumes, but they entered the media seats with a regular ticket,” the organizers said. “We just guided out those who have entered the media seats by mistake.”

The fake Kim admitted that he and Trump substitute Dennis Alan had failed to get close enough to interact with athletes, including those from the two Koreas, who marched together behind the blue-and-white unification flag.

They were also not able to get close to the VIP area, where U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, were in attendance.

The imposters were given a warm reception by stunned onlookers, according to Howard. “People told us it was really funny,” he said. “Even the security guards were asking for selfies.”