The government said Thursday it will create a new body to oversee the protection of crucial infrastructure from cyberattacks during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020.

The cybersecurity response center will compile and share information with government agencies and companies that operate crucial infrastructure such as transportation and power networks to guard against cyberattacks, and manage responses to attacks in order to minimize the damage when they do occur.

It will also work in close coordination with the organizing committee for 2020 Games.

Cybersecurity was a concern at the 2012 London Olympics, when the official website received more than 200 million attacks.

The decision made at a meeting of the government's cybersecurity task force on Thursday is part of envisaged changes to the government's current cybersecurity strategy, which was approved by the Cabinet in September 2015.

"We have compiled measures to speed up and fortify our existing strategy," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a press conference on Thursday.

As part of those changes, a separate information sharing network will be set up between the government and the private sector, making it easier for companies to submit potentially sensitive information about cyberattacks.