Nail salon that uses printer to paint nail art to open in Tokyo


Major catalog shopping company Senshukai Co. has said that it will open a temporary nail salon in Tokyo that paints nails quickly using a nail printer.

The shop, Nail Stand Tsume.co, will open at Shinjuku Marui Annex between June 2 to Aug. 31. The price to paint the nails on both hands will be ¥3,780.

It usually takes one to two hours to complete intricate nail art but the printer, co-developed with a manufacturer, reduces this to around 45 minutes.

Senshukai aims to attract many shoppers to Tsume.co in order to advertise the convenience of the service and build name recognition.

“We also hope to open similar temporary shops at events where many women attend,” a company official said Thursday.

Last year Senshukai started leasing the printer to beauty salons, with a view of increasing the number of salons that use the equipment in the future.