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The government paid ¥882 million ($7.73 million) in aid to 390 crime victims and their kin in fiscal 2016, down ¥109 million from the previous year, the National Police Agency said Thursday.

It paid an average ¥4.86 million to the family members of 129 victims killed in crimes, with the maximum payment amounting to ¥25.99 million, the NPA said.

Payments averaged ¥210,000 for 164 victims with serious injuries and ¥2.27 million for 97 who remain disabled, it said.

The NPA said the government declined aid to 50 applicants. These cases included instances where applicants were found to have received workers’ compensation or damages greater than the sum calculated under the state aid system, the NPA said.

A committee set up by the NPA is discussing the possibility of easing the standards for applying for aid. It is expected to compile a report on its proposals this summer.

The system in principle dismisses claims involving crimes committed by family members, and payments to seriously injured victims are limited to one year. There are calls to review those points.

The government introduced the system in 1981 to aid crime victims in cases where perpetrators were unable to pay compensation. Annual payments under the system have been on the decline since peaking at ¥2.065 billion in fiscal 2011.

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