New Olympic, Paralympic logos to be announced on April 25 at earliest


The logos for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are scheduled to be announced as early as April 25, it was learned from various sources Friday.

Four designs were short-listed in January by the organizing committee’s Emblem Selection Committee. The process of investigating the designs and registering them as trademarks is currently underway.

The selection committee is seeking to publish the four designs on April 8. The public will have around 10 days to weigh in on the different designs through the web or by postcard, with any opinions received being considered when the committee makes its final choice.

The 21 selection committee members will cast ballots following a discussion. The logo that wins a majority of their votes will be presented to the organizing committee’s board of directors the same day before being made public.

The logo selected last July, designed by Kenjiro Sano, was scrapped amid accusations of plagiarism.

Later, after conditions for participation had been relaxed, a total of 14,599 entries were submitted ahead of the first screening.