The Tokyo Motor Show 2015 kicks off this week, giving visitors an opportunity to see the latest automotive trends and a glimpse of the future of vehicles and mobility.

The biannual event, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto Ward, will feature 30 vehicle manufacturers from around the world and 130 other firms in related industries such as auto-parts suppliers and car accessory makers.

Oct. 29 is a preview day and open for people with disabilities, while the show will be open to the public from Oct. 30 through Nov. 8.

The automakers will be displaying their latest lineups, which include cutting-edge environmentally friendly cars and concept models, giving visitors a look at the possible cars of tomorrow and key technologies like autonomous driving.

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show will also present what transportation may be like in 2020 with a large-scale exhibition called Smart Mobility City, where visitors will have the chance to ride in some of the newest cars and attend a number of conferences to hear from experts on what the future may hold.

Toyokazu Ishida, director general of Tokyo Motor Show Office at the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), which is the nation’s biggest auto-industry lobbying body and show organizer, said the main attractions at the event are the latest models and newest technologies from the carmakers.

Because the Tokyo Motor Show is held in Japan, there will be much to see from domestic makers.

“(For overseas visitors) the Tokyo Motor Show is a must-see event to check out what’s going on with the Japanese auto industry,” he said.

There will be 76 cars making their world premieres, including 67 from domestic makers.

Among the vehicles on display, concepts and the latest environmentally friendly cars are likely to garner the most attention.

Toyota Motor Corp. will be unveiling several concept vehicles, including the FCV Plus, a hydrogen-powered car with unconventional looks, the S-FR, a compact sports car and the KIKAI, which brings together a mix of retro and futuristic designs.

The largest domestic automaker, which is based in Aichi Prefecture, will also be showing its fourth-generation Prius hybrid that is set to debut in December and can travel up to 40 km per liter.

Nissan Motor Co. plans on displaying the electric kei (subcompact) car, the Teatro for Dayz, and the Gripz Concept, which is a compact sport crossover the company unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last month.

As the firm has been focusing on electric vehicles (EV), their flagship EV Leaf will also be prominently displayed.

Like Toyota, Honda Motor Co. will be showing off its latest fuel cell vehicle to promote green technology, while sports cars, such as the NSX, the Civic Type R and the S660, will be headliners for the company.

As Japanese carmakers look to promote their vehicles and technologies, overseas makers aren’t sit idle and miss this opportunity.

BMW is going to have the world premiere of its M4 GTS sport coupe. The maker will also promote the 330e and the 225xe plug-in hybrids.

Although Volkswagen has come under regulatory scrutiny over emissions, the German-based auto giant will be greeting visitors with 17 cars, including the firm’s first plug-in hybrid Golf GTE.

Although U.S. giants Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. are passing on the show this time, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will participate in the show for the first time in eight years.

Additionally, seven motorcycle makers, including Kawasaki Motors Corp. and Yamaha Motor Co., will also be represented.

For those who are interested in more than just looking, the event provides opportunities for visitors to hop in for test-drives with automotive journalists.

Journalists will drive on a test course set up outside the venue, where there will be 38 cars from 22 companies and 28 motorcycles from six makers available.

While the cars are indeed the main attraction of the Tokyo Motor Show, the Smart Mobility City exhibition will enable visitors to see and experience what transportation may look like in the coming years.

Taking up 6,840 sq. meters, it will literally be replicating a possible future city.

“When visitors walk into the Smart Mobility City area, they’ll probably feel as if they were strolling in the city of the future,” said JAMA’s Ishida.

“As Tokyo will host the 2020 summer Olympics and Paralympics, we’d like to give some insight into how mobility will be changing” with the Smart Mobility City, he said.

The large-scale exhibition consists of 23 companies and organizations that will be showcasing their technologies for future mobility.

At the moment, one of the biggest technological trends in the industry is autonomous driving, with many carmakers aiming to produce self-driving cars in the coming years.

The Smart Mobility City will have its space right outside the Tokyo Big Sight and demonstrate various autonomous driving systems.

There will also be a number of lectures and presentations regarding automated driving technology featuring speakers from carmakers, as well as related ministry officials and experts.

There are also opportunities to ride in personal mobility devices, such as Toyota’s Winglet, Honda’s Uni-Cub and Ninebot’s Ninebot E.

The Tokyo Motor Show attracted 902,800 visitors in 2013 and JAMA hopes to improve on that number this time, said Ishida.

According to Ishida, JAMA pushed the schedule about three weeks forward compared to 2013.

In the past, the motor show was held toward the end of November and the beginning of December, so the use of outside spaces was limited due to cold temperatures.

Since this time of year is not as cold, Ishida said there would be food stands outside that will feature fare from famous restaurants selected by gourmet bloggers.

The restaurants that will be providing food include Iwate-based Kakunoshin, which runs Korean barbecue restaurants and was selected as the best at Japan’s biggest meat event, award-winning gyoza dumpling maker Hamataro and Salvatore Cuomo, a popular pizza restaurant.

Ishida added that it will be more convenient for visitors to get around Tokyo Big Sight, as shuttle buses will be running between the east and west sides of the venue.

Moreover, they can download a Tokyo Motor Show app on their iPhones or Android smartphones. The app can provide navigation to get them to the booths they want to visit and indicate crowd levels.

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