• Kyodo


Osaka Prefecture plans to reform its ordinance to prohibit accommodation operators from allowing dealers of quasi-legal drugs to stay, following the recent eradication of such dealers’ outlets in the prefecture.

The prefecture will announce the names of the operators, if they repeatedly breach the planned ordinance. The bill will be submitted to the prefectural assembly on Tuesday. If passed, it will take effect in March.

The bill will also urge the operators, as well as realtors handling housing complexes and condominiums, to evict any residents who use their dwellings for purposes of selling or producing the drugs.

Osaka Prefecture said there were no more outlets openly selling quasi-legal drugs as of March, after it tightened ordinances. But an increasing number of drug dealers now use hotels, inns and cheap lodging houses where they don’t need to identify themselves to stay; for this reason police have a hard time detecting their dealings.

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