Strong typhoon draws bead on Okinawa

Staff Report

Powerful Typhoon Halola may move close to Okinawa and the Amami area of Kagoshima Prefecture from Friday night to early Saturday, and the Meteorologcal Agency warns of strong winds and high waves.

The typhoon is expected to particularly batter Okinawa’s Daitojima area on Friday night, brining violent winds, NHK quoted the agency as saying.

The agency believes the typhoon was moving west at 15 kph over the sea about 230 km northeast of Minamidaito Island at 7 a.m. Friday. Its central atmospheric pressure is measured at 960 hectopascals and its wind speed at 90 kph in an area within a 90 km radius from its center.

Waves as high as 8 meters are expected in affected sea areas, NHK said.

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