Mount Fuji gets free Wi-Fi in bid to draw more visitors

AP, Kyodo

Climbers who reach the summit of Mount Fuji will now be able to share their achievement via free Wi-Fi there.

NTT Docomo said it would begin offering the service on Friday at eight hot spots on the famous mountain, including one on its 3,776-meter summit.

The initiative is aimed at attracting more overseas visitors to Shizuoka and Yamanashi, the two prefectures that are home to Mount Fuji.

Three trails — Subashiri, Fujinomiya and Gotenba — on the Shizuoka side of Fuji were opened for the season on Friday, following the opening of the Yoshida trail on the Yamanashi side on July 1.

The number of hikers who climbed the mountain from the Yamanashi side between July 1 and July 7 came to 5,824, roughly half the number during the same period last year. Tour companies attributed the reduction to poor weather and concerns over the possibility of the mountain erupting, amid intensified volcanic activity at Mount Hakone in neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture.

Municipalities near Mount Fuji are scheduled to hold an eruption drill next Wednesday, with mountain huts participating for the first time.

From airports to subway and bus operators, free Wi-Fi service has been expanding ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Users on Mount Fuji will need to enter a user ID and password provided in fliers in English, Chinese and Korean that will be distributed at some trailheads. NTT Docomo will provide the service for 72 hours from the initial log-in.

  • J.P. Bunny

    Great. Smart phone zombies wending their way all over Fujisan. With any luck, they may wander off the edge.