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Seven-Eleven offering one-of-a-kind 'Evangelion' car for ¥16 million

by Kazuaki Nagata

Staff Writer

Seven-Eleven Japan Co. said Tuesday it will sell a car based on the popular anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” for ¥16 million — and only one will be up for grabs.

The nation’s largest convenience store operator said it will accept pre-orders at Seven-Eleven stores around the country from Friday through Nov. 30.

The lucky buyer will be decided by lot, the firm said. Once the winner agrees to purchase it, the car will be ready in five months.

The vehicle is based on Mitsuoka Motor Co.’s Orochi supercar.

The ¥16 million, including sales tax, is the highest price Seven-Eleven has ever charged for a single item, according to the firm.

The vehicle was designed by Ikuto Yamashita, who is in charge of designing mechanical devices, including robots, for the “Evangelion” anime.

The color scheme includes patterns in vivid purple, green and yellow, making it reminiscent of Evangelion Unit 01, a “mecha” in the anime series.

Seven-Eleven Japan has held campaigns in collaboration with “Evangelion” before. In August, the convenience store chain sold 25 life-size Evangelion Unit 01 statues. They sold out in just two minutes despite carrying a price tag of ¥1.83 million each.

In addition to the car, Seven Eleven will be selling other “Evangelion” tie-in products, including jackets, miniature character replicas, bags and cups.

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