Mickey Rourke shows off Putin T-shirt in Moscow hunt for boxing partner


Mickey Rourke on Monday stocked up on T-shirts emblazoned with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin as the U.S. actor and boxer visited a central Moscow department store.

Rourke appeared on LifeNews television wearing one of the gray shirts with a print of Putin in a military cap. Rourke said he would keep two of the eight shirts for himself, and give others to his family members and friends back in the U.S.

“It’s a very strong picture of him, of the boss,” he said of Putin in the LifeNews interview. “I do like him because I think he’s the kind of guy who says it straight. Straight what he’s feeling, straight what it is. I think he’s very smart and very direct and not hiding a secret agenda.”

Asked by the host, Rourke said he wouldn’t be shy about wearing the T-shirt outside when he returned to the U.S.

“Do I look like I’m afraid of anything or anybody?” Rourke said.

Rourke said he was in Moscow to look for a partner to hold a boxing fight that might take place in Russia in December, LifeNews reported.