Dems cash in on anti-Obama chatter


Impeaching President Barack Obama may be highly unlikely, but election-year chatter about it among conservatives has helped Democrats raise $1 million on Monday alone, their campaign chief said Tuesday.

Since House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner announced plans in June to sue the president, the Democrats’ House campaign arm has raised $7.6 million ahead of November’s midterm congressional elections, when all House members are up for re-election.

“I understand the strategy is intended to gin up its base,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Steve Israel told reporters at a breakfast organized by The Christian Science Monitor. “Every time they talk about suing the president, that just ignites our base.”

House Democrats have highlighted the specter of impeachment in fundraising pitches to tremendous effect since Boehner announced a lawsuit against Obama for failing to enforce U.S. laws — a potential starting point for impeachment proceedings. Some 74,000 first-time donors have responded to the Democrats’ House arm pitch about impeachment, Israel said.

In Washington, Boehner said Republican have “no plans to impeach the president” and said the White House was fueling such talk for political gain.

Republicans have 234 seats in the House and Democrats have 199 seats. There are two vacancies.