Japan begins anti-piracy campaign against 300 Internet sites


The government and producers of manga and anime began an anti-piracy campaign Wednesday, demanding that around 300 Internet site operators delete their pirated content within the next five months.

The project to crack down on piracy is targeted at around 580 manga and animation items that have been copied illegally. Legal action may be pursued if the operators do not take down the offending content, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said.

The targeted sites are based in several countries, including China and South Korea. A survey conducted by the government in 2012 showed the damage to Japanese industries in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing is estimated at around ¥560 billion a year.

The producers and METI also launched a website, manga-anime-here.com , that provides links to legitimate manga and anime content.

The site currently offers links to around 220 items and the number will increase down the road, METI said.

  • OpinionsProfile

    What a stupid decision on their part.

    • GKage

      How? They loose like 20 billion US dollar because of piracy. I say it kind of smart to loose it and at least try to keep it, then sit on the asses and keep loosing it.

  • Johnny Kim

    They say their doing this because they have lost a lot of money due to manga/anime piracy. I understand that, but let’s look at it this way.There are people out there in this world who don’t have any other way to access manga/anime without piracy. They enacted a similar law in the year 2012 but guess what? Anime/manga piracy still continued, why? Because obviously people have a reason. I respect the government, but they need think to deeper about how this can effect the anime/manga industry. As possibly anime/manga viewers might decrease in the future due to the lack of access to it. If you really care for the fans and not money. Please don’t do this! : (

    • LaineG

      From the political and business point of view, the “fans” don’t matter if they’re not consumers. These scanlating and subbing sites incur the anime/manga industry economic losses. The market gets the products for free instead of paying for them, making the sales less than what’s supposed to be. On top of that, it’s clear that what these sites are doing are pure piracy which is against the law. It hurts the people in this industry so I kind of understand why Japan would want to do this.

      It will reduce the number of anime and manga viewers, but the loss from it is nothing compared to the loss of distributing these products for free, especially in the long run.

      I’m also a regular audience of some anime/manga series, but I won’t say this is a stupid or a crazy decision because manga scanlation and anime piracy is obviously against the business ethics.

      Just in case this succeeds, it will leave us no choice but to purchase from legitimate sites. As a consolation, let’s just think that we’ll be giving a more palpable support to our favorite mangakas through this.

      • Johnny Kim

        Like I said, i understand that. But 3rd world countries especially wouldn’t even buy the distributed products. If they don’t even have access to the anime/manga. what i mean by that is viewers are the ones that determine if they want to buy it or not. If they don’t have access to it, they won’t have any interest on these products. Now you remember it’s not the products that mainly determine the profits. It’s fans that power the products and money. I’m also starting to think that anime producers and manga writers are now more concerned with the money than instead of the fans.Besides, they already make a lot of profit from this. Also either way they take it down, people will put it re-upload it again. : )

  • Rishav

    I support them as long as they make this available to all the manga and anime fans around the world without any hassle.

    • GKage

      They are trying, however, it is much more complex then just allowing it everywhere. There is region coding and licensing that has to be done. It’s just hard to do that.

  • nightvisiongoggles

    Japanese entertainment executives already lost a lot of money from the Korean Wave.

    Take the case of JPop vs. KPop. KPop music videos on YouTube enjoy millions of views, and Korean labels rarely hunt down unofficial uploads, knowing full well that any product exposure will lead to sales in the long run. Japanese labels, on the other hand, conduct regular crackdowns, forcing JPop fans to share ‘mirrored’ or altered videos, alienating potential consumers.

    You might think that they have already learned their lesson and will start to make Japanese media more accessible and reach out to their audience… then they impose this counterintuitive measure.

    I doubt it if they will be as aggressive as the Koreans in promoting their products– instead of them reaching out to their market, they will force the market to go to them, only to realize later that the market they once hooked is now going elsewhere.

  • MegumiSagara

    crazy people :/

    • GKage

      Yes, the people who do piracy are crazy. :

  • Ariff

    You guys remember SOPA?. (If you don’t know what it is, google it) .Yeah… I can already see how this Anti-anime & manga piracy will turn out.

    • GKage

      Have you heard of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. This is not a national thing with complicated political arguments involved. This is Japan protecting copyrights.

  • Jill

    They should just kill everything illegal and place it on legal services like crunchyroll, hulu. amazon, itunes, etc

  • Jill

    If they remove all of these FAN SITES it is the end of the end internet free service. I do not own a credit card and cannot afford to buy anything online unless if they sell it at a local Walmart or Target and ITunes Stores. Then I will buy anime and manga!

    • GKage

      You do understand that Crnchyroll, FUNimation, and Hulu all have it for free to watch whenever. You need no credit card, but you will see ads. But is that all that bad, you see them on TV all the time. Also the FAN SITES are PIRATING anime. They are STEALING. How is that for the fans or the companies.

  • Ludvig Arnås

    They may be trying but from their site, 6 out of 6 sources for “One Piece” can not be watched in Sweden. Only thing buyable here is Ghibli, they are the only things popular enough to make it here.

    By cutting me out of anime they loose a non paying consumer, but if they instead of crashing down on the only reliable sources I have, gave me an even better service or even equally good I would become a paying consumer. Me pirating is not them loosing money, not offering me to bye is loosing them money.

    Plus, It’s not like they can actually defeat piracy. People crave it (in lack of better options) and so it will always pop back up.

    The gaming industry have been trying to kill piracy for years, they made systems to protect their software. In doing this, they made the legit software a real pain to use. Piracy had to remove those systems before sending them through. Making the games that came from piracy actually better than the originals, pushing paying consumers to a better service.

    Hope they don’t make the same mistake.

    • GKage

      Make the demand in that country so they will supply you with the anime you want. It your problem, not mine.

      It sure is a shame how short sighted most anime fans are. It’s just to bad that there are people’s works being taking without permission, and most people are made because they won’t get it. These people’s anime is how they make money, and people steal that chance to make it by providing it illegally on the internet. You see, when people do not pay for it, they don’t loose money, per se. Rather they loose the potential to have that money. It’s like taking something and copying it.

      By you not getting it in your country is the something, however, it is their right to not let you view it in such a way. There is an international law that applies to Japan, the US and Canada, Australia, and the EU, plus several other countries as well. Gaming does that same thing, except they can mess with the people by manipulating the code.

      So, I ask you, if you had a show, move, or game that took you a 11 million yen to make, but becasue of piracy, you only get a return of less than a half of it, would you be mad. I sure would. I support the series I love, because it costs money to make. Even struggling anime that need kickstarters to get off the ground I support. You may need money to do things, but support is really all you have to do.

      So, just so you know…you are not a costumer if you haven’t bought anything. By not paying or supporting, they don’t care about you and it justifies their actions even more.

  • GKage

    Is that suppose to threaten them? It seems like they make no money from you anyway, so why should they care?

  • Jill

    I think piracy is okay and free is great. People don’t understand how bad the economy is and how super expensive prices people will not pay. If anime DVDs where under $20 or less, then I can buy a ton load. But if it is Blu-Ray, then they should make them cheaper as well! Also, make it more available like in local Walmarts and Target stores! People will pay with cash, not a credit card.

  • Vanhanen

    *giggles* Shamefur dispray

  • DarkZidane

    This campaign WILL NOT work! there are too many lovers of anime in the world that want anime and will always find a way to get it for free, to paraphrase the great Dr. Iam Malcom, “Fans will find a way!” and the great William Wallace, “you can take our lives, but you’ll never take our anime!””