Couple consider split after tiff over ‘Frozen’


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To the bemusement of foreign media, a Japanese man laments online that his wife is threatening to divorce him because he didn’t like the movie “Frozen,” the third most successful movie in Japan.

In the online forum “Kikonsha no Hakaba” (“Gravesite of Married People”) , a man describing himself as a 31-year-old businessman told readers May 18 that the argument might cost him his marriage.

The Japanese man, a former Danish literature major, said his 29-year-old wife so adored the blockbuster that she goes to the cinema to watch it again and again.

At her urging, he went to see the movie himself but found it underwhelming. Dismayed by her obsession, the husband eventually blurted out: “What’s so good about it?”

She snapped back: “If you can’t understand what makes this great, there’s something wrong with you as a human being,” she said. She then walked out, went to stay with her parents and threatened divorce.

The man confessed to having mixed feelings.

“On one hand I don’t want to divorce her, but on the other I don’t want to be with a woman who brands me a human failure just because we differ over what we like.”

Most of the man’s readers appeared to sympathize with his situation, calling his wife “selfish” and encouraging him to leave her. A few days after his initial post, the man, apparently emboldened by their advice, confessed to gravitating heavily toward divorce: “I can no longer imagine marital life with her.”

English-language media outlets including dailies like The Guardian, The Independent and the New York Daily News are covering the man’s plight with humorous wit.

“Sometimes you need to let it go; or in this case, let him go,” The Independent joked, referring to the film’s central anthem, “Let It Go.”

As of June 2, “Frozen,” titled “Ana to Yuki no Joo” (Anna and the Snow Queen) in Japanese, grossed ¥21.2 billion at the box office, a high topped only by “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away.” It also attracted a staggering 16.73 million moviegoers nationwide, according to The Walt Disney Co.

  • Daniel Francis

    To the husband: If your wife is so intent on not allowing you independence in such a minor matter as liking/not liking a movie, she is seriously (and likely homicidally) emotionally unbalanced. She needs therapy. If she refuses therapy alongside you, divorce her, immediately. If you already have children with this nut, nobody can help your marriage. You are doomed to live in a marriage of hell.

  • richado

    This guy has a degree in Danish Literature. ‘Frozen’ is based on Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s work. So this guy knows something, unlike his wife and Disney. And it is about feelings for her, not facts.
    Do they have children? If not, perhaps this Frozen Pollyanna of a wife needs some children to raise in order to get back to reality. If they do, I pity the kids. Just saying….

  • Shinji’s Soul Reaver

    The woman is a loser! I hate Disney and will marry this fine gentleman myself.

  • VerityHeld

    This could be a hoax on somebody’s part. Such does happen.

  • GBR48

    Folk do tend to identify with characters and relationships within their favourite cultural products. Perhaps the wife in question simply wanted her husband to be ‘a bit more Kristoff’ on a day-to-day basis. Leaving him with a simple choice that I’m sure many of us have faced: buy a reindeer or say goodbye.

    The wife should check out some Ghibli. ‘Frozen’ was distinctly average at best. The soundtrack rather suggested that it had originally been conceived as a stage musical but repeatedly turned-down because the songs weren’t very good.

    May the unhappy couple, if indeed they exist, find joy either through accommodation or separation.

  • martaz

    I’m on the guy’s side. Though the animation itself was stunningly beautiful, the story was a bit flat. And it had THE most sickeningly saccharine music EVER. That is saying something for Disney which is known for sugar-sweet over-sentimental music. My boyfriend and loathed it, and turned it off. We both love animation, but generally stick to animé because of the awful American soundtracks

  • omega4

    His wife is cheating on him. She is using his indifference about “Frozen” as an excuse to divorce him. Well played, good woman, well played.