Bangladesh, Japan seal aid deal, agree to nuclear power talks


Staff Writer

Visiting Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina signed a joint statement with counterpart Shinzo Abe on Monday in Tokyo to seal Japan’s pledge to extend up to ¥600 billion in economic assistance to the country over the next four to five years.

The funds, mainly in the form of loans, will be used to build infrastructure and other projects in Bangladesh.

The two countries also agreed to launch a meeting of experts to discuss the lessons Japan has learned so far from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Abe told reporters after the meeting.

Bangladesh, which suffers from chronic power shortages, is building its first nuclear power plant, in conjunction with Russia, about 120 km north of Dacca, the capital.

“Prime Minister Hasina . . . expressed her hope that Japan would examine the possibility to cooperate with Bangladesh for a nuclear power plant project in the future,” their joint statement said.

“We have visited almost all issues of bilateral relations, including economic cooperation,” Hasina said after meeting with Abe at the prime minister’s office.

“It was very constructive discussion and . . . the joint statement will provide a guide for the implementation of issues we both decided to carry out,” she said, adding she has asked Abe to soon visit Bangladesh.

According to the statement, Hasina also expressed “her support and appreciation for Japan’s policy of ‘proactive pacifism,’ ” Abe’s pet phrase for his push to get the Japanese military more involved in international security operations.

The statement also said the two leaders “underscored the importance of the freedom of navigation and shared the view that international disputes and issues should be resolved peacefully” based on international law.

The Japanese side has inserted similar sentences in many recent joint statements with other foreign leaders, an apparent drive by Abe to keep China in check as Beijing tries to extend its military clout in the East and South China seas.

  • Asif Ashraf

    I am a Bangladeshi, living in Japan for several years. Japanese Government is giving money to Bangladesh. It is good news in some sense. But, it is not good in many senses. I think Japanese Government should monitor or track, where and how money
    will be used, how much accurately Bangladeshi government is using this money etc. There is a very much possibility of NOT using this money even 10% effectively. All the Government lawmakers including Prime Minister (PM) Sheikh Hasina are 100% corrupted personnels. You may already be known this Govt is 100% illegal; they came power without a proper election process. The so called election (it was not an election in real meaning) they do NOT representing people mandate. PM is implementing only one person illegal practice of power. No law is implementing in the country. PM’s order is law indeed. There is no law and order
    inside the country at the present time specially. The terrorists are taking
    advantage of illegal Government negligence. Almost every of the ministers earned hundred to thousand times wealth in last 5 years. This aid money will divided among some of the high profile people like ministers (including PM), lawmakers, and PM’s terrorists. Their unusual increase of money will imbalance the society again in a large scale. They will buy lands, luxurious flats inside country and aboard by this money, and thus buying a home for normal people will become out of range with their hard currency as the price will be hike by illegal people. These are happening indeed these days specially. In short, the aid or loan money will make imbalance society again and make problem for Bangladesh instead of solving problem. I think, I am telling the bitter truth and sorry to say this is reality. If you anybody wants to judge my opinion you can ask the Japanese Embassy personnel’s those are living in Bangladesh. They should know some of the inner meaning of my writing.
    I am going to request to Japanese Government to use some ways for some extent of proper use this money for Bangladeshi poor and for the wellbeing of all people:

    1) My request is to invest the money to Bangladesh in some types of industrial developments, establish Japanese industry thus people can work and feed them.

    2) No Chinese company will get works by tender. All works should be executed by Japanese company.

    Now, my last request is, if Japanese Government cannot direct and implement project that I wrote above, there is no meaning of giving money to Bangladesh. It will spread bad effect in Bangladesh. If not possible to maintain the process I told, my final request please deducts my TAX money from 600 billion and give Bangladesh. It may be very small amount but I do not want to through my tax money to the garbage. I believe, if Japanese people could aware the fact of the fate of their tax money; they will also request to Govt to deduct their
    TAX money before giving to Bangladesh.

    • Turab amin

      bro it is lending; not giving away. doest you comment make a negative impression in their people’s mind? I know they are corrupted but still our country is going ahead.

      I hope you are not an example of brain drain