European Union’s Quality Logos

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO): PDO indicates a food or drink originates in a specific region or country, is particularly linked to the place of origin through inherent natural or human factors and is produced, processed and prepared in the defined geographical area.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): PGI covers the names of products originating in a specific place, region or country that are recognized for their quality and other characteristics closely linked to the defined geographical area. The label also marks products produced, processed or prepared in the area in question.

Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG): TSG products are those with distinctive features that have traditional ingredients or are made using traditional methods. These products have specific characteristics that set them apart from similar foodstuffs.

Organic Farming logo: Organic farming is an agricultural production method which offers the consumer quality food, while respecting the natural life cycles of plants and animals. It is based on a number of principles and practices designed to work the land naturally and thereby minimize human impact on the environment. This label reassures consumers that the product in question has been processed according to the standards set out in EU legislation.

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For more information on the quality schemes, visit ec.europa.eu/agriculture/quality. For more information on organic farming in the EU, visit www.organic-farming.eu.