Whaling fleet returns from Antarctic Ocean hunt


Japanese whalers returned to port Saturday after a four-month voyage to waters around Antarctica for their annual winter cull.

The arrival of the 8,145-ton mother vessel Nisshin Maru and two smaller ships at Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, came after the International Court of Justice ruled Monday that Japan’s whaling is not conducted for scientific purposes and ordered a halt.

The Fisheries Agency said the whalers’ activities this winter were again hampered by the U.S.-based anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd.

Japan, which has conducted what it calls “scientific” whaling in the Antarctic Ocean since 1987, had insisted that the program is consistent with a 1946 international convention that permits research whaling.

Australia lodged the case to end Japanese whaling in the Antarctic Ocean with the International Court of Justice in The Hague, arguing it was a cover for commercial whaling in violation of obligations under the convention.

A moratorium on commercial whaling came into force in 1986.

  • karimoxa

    They will be back next season…watch and see.

  • J B

    i wonder why they haven’t released the kill numbers yet?? hahaha

  • rogerrramjet

    The thing is no one buys whale meat anymore. So much so that it is given to the schools to feed children who refuse to eat it because it tastes so foul. The government actually subsidizes the fleet because it cannot make a profit on its own, therefore it really is a fraud.

    And just how many fcuking whales do you need for study over four and a half decades?

  • educatedone

    I love what Paul has done, I’ve been watching his shows for years. I was moved to tears when it showed an actual harpooning of a whale, I could feel his pain. If I ever win a lottery, half is going to his organization. Thank you Bob Barker for being a major donator to Paul and his organization.