Kiev envoy to Tokyo appeals for international backing amid crisis


Staff Writer

Kiev’s ambassador to Tokyo said Tuesday that his country is asking for international support in light of Russia’s recent deployment of troops to Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.

Speaking at the Ukrainian Embassy in Tokyo, Ambassador Ihor Kharchenko said that Russian “aggression” had prompted his government to take the issue to the U.N. Security Council.

The Ukrainian government brought the case to the international body to work “with relevant appeal to all U.N. members for rendering all kind of support” for Ukraine, which has been “faced with open aggression,” Kharchenko said.

“Now Ukraine is faced with an external threat. It is more than obvious that Ukraine doesn’t want to lose more lives,” he said. “That is why we’re calling for every government to stand beside Ukraine in this very difficult and very important stage.”

Responding to a question regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s request to the Federation Council to use the nation’s armed forces in Ukraine “until the normalization of the sociopolitical situation in that country,” Kharchenko flatly responded that the turmoil facing the country was not his concern.

  • JD

    If the Budapest Memorandum and other agreements are not honored and obliged by, and Russia can annex a piece or all of Ukraine, it will show the world that the NATO and EU members USA, UK, Russia can not be trusted on treaties. None of the original signatories of the 1994 Memorandum can be.

    This will send dangerous signals to nations with great military might and/or nuclear armament that they can do as they please because USA will only bully or attack nations weaker than itself, or protect nations only if the enemy has no nuclear weapons.

    This is especially dangerous considering the territorial demands of China and North Korea which may become more inclined for a direct approach to take territories if Russia also can do that in Ukraine.

    Still, China must have its doubts and concerns to fully support Russia because the Budapest Memorandum was signed by Putin himself, and promised the territorial integrity and invulnerability of Ukraine, which it now attacks, showing that Putin is not to be trusted.

    • Yoshiko

      It only shows – that we are living in NEW 21st CENTURY – where all ancient treaties from last (and very hard) XXth century can be NOT recognized, used and definetely will be canceled under the specific conditions of time.
      Come on, there’s no any international treaty or document or contract which used and working from the start of the humanity…
      Also in chinese people mentality present the stable disbelief in any contract, document or any paper, by the cultural tradition of the time chinese believe only in personal private agreements – that’s one of the basis of their character. Many nations are very different in their system of values.
      I’m not sure what are you talking about – but Putin wasn’t the president in 1994 – it was Boris Yeltsin. Putin takes the president administration in the start of 2000 year.