The municipal assembly of Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture, passed rare legislation Wednesday prohibiting loud music and huts staying open at night on a beach in the city.

The ordinance reform by the assembly followed complaints from local residents in recent years over loud parties at beach huts that serve food and provide facilities to change, shower and rest for sea bathers.

The reform, which carries no punishment for violations, prohibits playing music through speakers, displaying tattoos, drinking and the holding of barbecues away from beach huts. It also prohibits beach huts staying open past 6:30 p.m.

Beach hut operators are calling the reform an obstruction of business and have filed with the Yokohama District Court for it to be suspended, while seeking to have it nullified.

Atsushi Hara, a representative of the Zushi beach hut association, criticized the legislation, saying: "there was no discussion with us. It's a shame that they have made the legislation one-sidedly."