Cabbie rewarded for returning cash


A poker player who left $300,000 in the back seat of a Las Vegas taxi has made good on his promise, handing over a $10,000 reward to the honest cabbie who returned the stash.

Yellow Checker Star Cab CEO Bill Shranko confirmed Friday that Gerardo Gamboa had been paid by the poker player. The cab company also honored the driver’s good deed by naming him employee of the year, awarding him $1,000 and giving him a gift certificate to a Las Vegas steakhouse.

The tale started Monday when Gamboa made a pickup at the Bellagio casino. A doorman noticed a brown paper bag on the back seat and handed it to him; Gamboa thought it was candy. He later began wondering what kind of chocolates were in the bag. He peeked inside and spotted the cash.

Gamboa took the six bundles of $100 bills to the company’s main office, where police and casino officials linked it to the poker player. It took several hours to verify the identity of the owner and return the cash. Authorities aren’t identifying the poker player.