Sapporo school children create world’s biggest piece of chewing gum


Around 90 elementary school students and their parents set a Guinness world record in Sapporo on Saturday by making the world’s largest piece of chewing gum.

The 1.1-meter-long, 30-cm-wide blueberry-flavored piece measured around 15 times the size of an ordinary stick of gum. While the students and parents flattened out the gum with sticks, some of the children sneaked scraps.

“I thought Guinness records were the topic of TV programs,” said Akiko Rokkaku, 35, who took part in the event with her daughter, a fifth-grader. “It was a good experience for us.”

  • Eric

    Blueberry? Why did it have to be blueberry? Everyone knows that spearmint is the correct flavor for giant gum!