Japan, Canada close to deal on shale gas export boost


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are expected to agree to increase Canadian shale gas exports to Japan from around 2020, Japanese officials said Sunday.

Canada’s envisioned shale gas exports are likely to total 40 million tons a year. The gas will be shipped after being processed into liquefied natural gas, the officials said.

Abe and Harper plan to reach the agreement in a meeting on Tuesday in Ottawa during the Japanese leader’s five-day visit to Canada and the United States from Monday.

Canada will be the second country to export shale gas to Japan. The United States plans to start shipping 6.7 million tons a year of shale gas to Japan from around 2017.

  • Jack Haesly

    And the United States , specifically port Arthur, Texas, gets stuck with the resulting pollution. What a deal. Not!