China urged to stop drone flights near Senkaku Islands


Japan on Tuesday communicated to China its “interest” in a drone flight near the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea the previous day, a senior Foreign Ministry official said, effectively calling on China to curb similar flights.

Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera meanwhile told reporters the ministry has strengthened daily monitoring by the Self-Defense Forces in the area, and that the SDF will maintain this posture as Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the purchase by the Japanese government of most of the islets last September.

The ministry conveyed its interest in the incident to the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo on Monday as the drone flew within Japan’s air defense identification zone, an area where airplanes need to identify themselves and provide flight routes and other information.

Another senior ministry official said that while Monday’s flight did not violate international law, Tokyo needs to remain vigilant about similar maneuvers.

Also Tuesday, seven Chinese Coast Guard vessels were spotted sailing in a contiguous zone just outside what Japan considers its territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands, according to the Japan Coast Guard.

An airplane believed to be a drone flew near the disputed islands on Monday morning, prompting the Air Self-Defense Force to scramble fighter jets. In the evening, China’s defense ministry effectively admitted in a statement that the aircraft was a drone belonging to the People’s Liberation Army.

The Senkaku Islands are at the heart of Japan’s frayed ties with China, which claims the uninhabited islets it calls Diaoyu. The purchase by the central government from a private owner on Sept. 11, 2012, sparked widespread demonstrations in China and sent Japan-China relations to their lowest point in years.

  • raafat abou-ikdeh

    please the peaceful world is watching both of you so please a cup of tea and a lot of peaceful talk will get both you to more prosper nations and the world might copy two good countries reach to the top without any ground for hate or misunderstanding to

  • iwishitweretrue

    The problem is that the Diaoyu Islands are historically Chinese and the Chinese have a right to patrol them. Japan should learn from history and follw Winston Churchill’s advice that “Jaw Jaw is better than War war.” Deliberately provoking China may win Abe popularity in the short term – but its going to a disaster for Japan medium and long term. China is just going to keep getting more and more powerful and the provoations are going to become very dangerous. Make peace whilst you can is always good advice.

    • Steve Novosel

      “The problem is that the Diaoyu Islands are historically Chinese”

      No, they aren’t. It’s not good to start your comment with something as factually incorrect as this. China clearly thinks this is true but does anyone else? No. Please don’t post the stock China justifications used to defend this distorted world view because I have no desire to read them again.

      Whether or not Japan and China should make nice is a separate issue – clearly they should, as it’s in both country’s best interests to have a good relationship – but if that comes at the expense of accepting this monolithic China-centric view of history then it’s probably not worth it.

      It’s a Chinese power play to see what Japan and the international community will accept. There’s no coincidence to the timing of Chinese provocations while the world’s spotlight is on Japan.

      • No, you’re wrong.
        I never admit “It’s a Chinese power play to see what Japan and the international community will accept” at all, as long as it is “our side” who broke a promise.
        There’s no reasonable explanation standed without shelving consents of both, for the area kept in calm for 40 years.
        No one can make an available explanation for this.
        You can’t either.

      • iwishitweretrue

        People’s need to keep important promised like the 1979 Deng Xiao Ping onewith Japan over the Diaoyu/Senkaki’s – especially if it laid the basis of a new friendship between the people’s. Thats why with a bit of honesty and diplomacy – the friendship can be re-established.

      • Steve Novosel

        Michiko-san, it’s not “our side” who broke a promise here. China says there was some unwritten promise – there was certainly no treaty, and there is no documentation of any formal agreement between China and Japan regarding the Senkakus.

        There’s no justification for warlike behavior on the part of China against Japan or any of it’s neighbors (see recent events in India or the Phillipines). China should start to act like it wants peace in the region.

        The only reason the Japanese national government nationalized the Senkakus was to prevent the Tokyo metropolitan government from annexing them. You are Japanese, you know this. So how can you blame the national government for a situation that was forced upon them?

        There’s little good about this situation, but China should not increase the regional tensions by provoking a conflict. That is not good for anyone.

      • Steve, you’re totally wrong, superficial, it’s nothing to do with “Western way”, but before I explain it, you make it even and fair by clarifying your nationality, as long as I’m always done it.
        Becuase I’m not going to speak the same thing toward my co-nationals, I have to deal with it in Japanese way.
        I always wonder how are the many of people in here actually thinking about “fairness”, what is your fairness, really un-understandable.
        And if you’re not Japanese, you spreading such a superficial irresponsible talk in English, is really annoying us, I’m asking and begging you just NOT TO DO IT PLEASE, just stay away, for the sake of me and my friends.

      • Steve Novosel

        Michiko, I must be honest here – I have no idea what you are trying to say to me. Does your opinion change based on my nationality…?

        As far as my nationality goes – I am posting under my real name and it’s super duper easy to contact me and discuss that as much as you want.

        But if you are asking me to stop voicing my opinion? Sorry, that’s not going to stop. You may not like my opinion or how I voice it, and you are more than welcome to try to change my opinions. I like discussion! If you want me to stop voicing it though, well, you’re wasting your time.

      • And what is your fairness?
        Also what would an unfair person have advantage over me?
        It is not true you Western people weigh fairness, it is so untrue.
        Unwritten promise is breakable, it’s of some Western way, and why do you apply into China-Japan promise? On what ground?
        What you’re doing is not benefitting a country you love, just you don’t know it.
        My priority is, making my country stay out of war because I have no other place to go back, and how about you?
        You’re going to get your stuff into your suit case when a war has begun?
        I can’t do it, and that’s why I’m doing this, you stay away, it’s not your business.

      • iwishitweretrue

        Actually they do historically belong to Vhina – its a fact. Google Diaoyu islands and read wikipedia – and you will see that the Chinese have controlled the Diaoyu islands since around 1350. They stopped controlling them when Japan beat China up at sea in 1895 – and took control of Taiwan and the Diaoyu’s. Japan tries to claim that that the islands were uninhabited – but that cunning lie does not wash in China. The Chinese are not going to give up what is historically theirs – ad so Japan has a big problem. Deng Xiao Ping agreed with the Jpanaese to shelve the Diaoyu problem in 1979 – but Japan broke the agreement by nationalaising them – which is why China is so angry. A reasonable Japan would negotiatewith China – but Abe wants to play tough for now.

      • Steve Novosel

        I could swear I said “Please don’t post the stock China justifications used to defend this distorted world view because I have no desire to read them again.” Yes, I did.

        I’m aware of what China considers the “correct view” of history regarding the Senkakus (and the Spratlys) but I am just not interested in these distortions of the historical record. Feel free to post links and articles and discussions about obscure journals only known by some academics in Xian – I won’t read them. Sorry.

        “which is why China is so angry”

        China is so angry because China wants everything to go China’s way, to fit the Chinese world view, and for Japan to be always inferior to China.

        China ought to try to earn the world’s respect by promoting PEACE and reconcilliation with it’s neighbors instead of sending drones, patrol planes, and flotillas of fishing boats into Japanese waters, army units into India, building bases on little islands that clearly are not theirs. Then maybe people will listen to what they have to say. But as long as they act warlike, stirring conflict throughout the region, I have no interest in the opinions of their leaders.

    • RMMStaInes

      Historically believed by Chinese but not in reality as imposed by the War Council. When push comes to shove there will always be a victim. Senkaku Areas is peaceful until China started provoking and illegally claiming these island and part of other nations. China should act legally and confront other countries in UNCLOS or ITLOS, but until then they should stop waving their guns and arsenals in the neigborhood.

  • Song Sia Wei

    As a oversea Chinese, I just want to Say Japan good on you, Go Japan Go, Nihon daisuki

    • Hi, I’m a Japanese citizen, nice to meet you.
      Oversea Chinese people whom I know, appear to have a precise grasp about what is happening, and I believe so do you.
      It is just deplorable Japan broke a promise, and lost their trust.
      I hope nothing but a love and relationship with neighboring countries, especially with Asian neighbors.

  • It is all pathetic.
    We have to keep distance most from force than any other countries in the first place.
    And China has never broken any promises beside we’re always doing.
    China is always going to deal with anything by her virtue, then we have nothing to be afraid of her if only we’re so aware of it.
    In another word, China is “not able” to do something beyond her virtue, for instance, bullying someone behaving without a cause is not what she can.
    That is China, always she is.
    What a memorial day would be, it is nothing but just a day we broke a 40 years promise, how memorial it would be, just a shameful day.
    My friend said before, blasting out of all these islets might be the best solution, and I think it is the time to do it.
    We’re just sick people with rock paranoia, totally forgotten what neighborship or friendship, love or respect, or trust means, or it costs.