Vietnamese state-run paper prints ad opposing Japan reactor exports


Vietnam’s state-run English-language newspaper Viet Nam News published an opinion ad Tuesday objecting to planned nuclear reactor exports by Japan.

The ad, sponsored by Days Japan, a monthly photojournalism magazine edited by Ryuichi Hirokawa, states that “the Japanese people are opposed to Japan’s export of nuclear technology due to the immense dangers involved.”

The ad was published to coincide with the 68th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Japan secured contracts in October 2010 — before the Fukushima crisis — to build two nuclear reactors in Vietnam.

It is rare for Vietnamese newspapers to publish an opinion ad, especially one contradicting government policy, with press freedom restricted under Communist Party rule.

The ad includes images of a devastated reactor building at the Fukushima No. 1 complex and an explosion at the plant’s reactor 3 building.

“It is estimated that 150,000 evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear disaster remain in temporary accommodations,” it states. “The quantity of radiation-contaminated water collected from the reactor buildings is increasing at a rate of 400 tons per day.”

The ad also states, “Did you realize there is a danger that nuclear power could deprive you of your precious hometown . . . forever?”

Contacted about the ad, Hirokawa said, “It is our duty to communicate to people abroad that there is opposition in Japan to the export of nuclear reactors, which is being implemented despite our country’s failure to bring the crisis under complete control.”

The Viet Nam News, which is targeted at foreign residents, has a circulation of around 20,000.

  • Starviking

    Vietnamese paper runs Japanese advert shocker!

  • Ryuichi Hirokawa photographer, he’s a person who has been dedicating for long time to report singular issues which the media usually don’t tend to care about so much, as Palestine issue, or Chernobyl, the Fukushima nuclear issue as well, running an independent magazine on his own.
    Selling nuclear merchandise to abroad, is no more a thing for us to do, I hope Vietnamese people are going to be aware of its danger, and shut the door soon before it’s late, though 20,000 circulation seems to be not enough to tell.