China sex slave who sued Japan dies


Guo Xicui, a Chinese woman who filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government seeking reparations for wartime sexual slavery, has died, a source who knew her said. She was 86.

Guo died Tuesday of an unknown cause at her home in Yu County, Shanxi province, the source said Thursday.

Guo, who sued Japan asking for an apology and compensation, told the court she was abducted by Japanese soldiers in Shanxi in 1942, confined to military facilities and sexually assaulted daily for a long period of time.

In April 2007, the Supreme Court in Japan acknowledged Guo had been subjected to violence but ruled that Chinese individuals have no judicial right to demand war reparations from Japan due to the terms of a 1972 bilateral agreement.

  • Mikey Dailey

    It does not matter – any accords. It does not matter – how long ago. It does not matter that Japanese solders and the country itself hides, prolongs, and hope these women would just – Go away or Die. What Does Matter is Japan was a cruel and devastating tyrant throughout the whole war. They owe these women not only apologies, but also a form of compensation… NOW !

  • pervertt

    Her rights to compensation may have been signed away in 1972 without her knowledge or consent, but surely there would have been a strong moral case for an individual apology to her by the Japanese government. An apology would have given this poor woman some solace before she died.

  • EQ

    Another 10-15 years and there will be no one left to apologise to or to compensate…Then the issue will not exist anymore…right?