Bargaining over summit rejected

Abe accuses Chinese of ‘using force’


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday criticized China for what he termed its bid to “change the status quo by force” in terms of its relations with Japan and other Asian nations.

Such an approach is “wrong,” Abe said on a television program, referring to the ongoing tensions being generated by the Senkakus dispute and other maritime rifts involving China in the region.

“Japan and China have indivisible relations, and the two countries must solve problems through dialogue,” Abe said, pressuring Beijing to ease its conditions for holding a bilateral summit.

China is said to be demanding that Tokyo acknowledge the existence of a bilateral territorial dispute and shelve the issue involving the Senkaku Islands, which are claimed by China as Diaoyu and by Taiwan as Tiaoyutai. Japan maintains no dispute exists as the islets are legally and historically part of Japan.

“It is wrong as a diplomatic stance to reject holding a summit meeting because conditions are not met,” Abe said. He said he is urging China and other nations to respect the “rule of law” in solving any maritime dispute.

His remarks came after the recent revelation that a large Chinese crane ship is building a drilling facility in the ocean at a point near the Japan-claimed border between the two countries’ exclusive economic zones.

On Sunday, the Japan Coast Guard said three Chinese maritime surveillance vessels entered Japanese territorial waters in the morning near the Senkakus.

The Haijian No. 23, Haijian No. 49 and Haijian No. 5001 were spotted cruising near the Japan-controlled islets at around 9:30 a.m., the 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, said.

The coast guard warned the Chinese ships not to enter Japanese territorial waters, but the Haijian No. 5001 responded both in Chinese and Japanese that it was “conducting a regular patrol under Chinese law,” the coast guard said.

H.K. activists plan landing


Hong Kong-based activists who succeeded last year in landing a crew on the uninhabited Senkaku Islands plan to make another try next month to assert China’s sovereignty over the Japan-controlled chain, the group’s leader said Saturday.

Lo Chau, who commanded the boat last August that sailed to the islets, claimed by China as Diaoyu and by Taiwan as Tiaoyutai, said the activists will repair it and apply for a sailing license so they can set sail Aug. 15.

“We plan to set sail again on the one-year anniversary,” said Lo, chairman of the Action Committee for Defending the Diaoyu Islands. “If the government does not drag (its) feet, we should have enough time to fix the boat and go.”

However, the Hong Kong government’s ban on the boat sailing either in or outside Hong Kong’s waters, remains in place.

“If (authorities) try to block us from leaving Hong Kong waters again, we will break through like we did last year,” Lo said.

On Aug. 15 last year, the group’s boat managed to elude Hong Kong police and Japan Coast Guard vessels and sail close enough for some of the activists to land on Uotsuri, the largest of the five main islets in the Senkaku group. The activists unfurled Chinese and Taiwanese flags before being detained and later deported by Japan.

Lo conceded the activists might need their Taiwan counterparts, the World Chinese Association Defend the Diaoyu Islands, to take over if his group’s boat is blocked from leaving Hong Kong.

On Saturday, about 20 members of Lo’s group protested outside the Japanese Consulate General against Japan’s “invasion” of the islands, which Beijing claims were “stolen” from China in 1895 at the end of the Sino-Japanese War, at which time Tokyo forced the Qing government to sign the humiliating Treaty of Shimonoseki, ceding them and other territories, including Taiwan.

The activists also urged Japanese not to vote for the Liberal Democratic Party in the Upper House election to stop Prime Minister Shinzo Abe from amending the Constitution so he can officially turn the Self-Defense Forces into a standing military.

  • It’s just a silly calculation what he’s trying to pretend as we’re “abused from some awful villian with no reasonable causes” or “justice is on our side” or “we’re much vulnerable, innocent people holding no evil”, no way, it’s quite not like that.
    First of all, it’s very us ignored the promises which requiring “all by table talk”, or “fully admit and regret the former aggression” or “shelve it untill the right time has come, sit on the table when both know the time came”, these are all what we’ve broken, by worshipping, or naturalizing the islets.
    China has been sending signals to talk it over again and again after Japan broke the promises, or keeps provoking her, following their signals, which tells they don’t need to make any real clash between Japan, and still wants Japan to be a good neighbor, there should be another way if they really like to completely devastate us in the first place.
    Only our leaders keep stiffened and hawky since which seems to be quite available with them, in getting supports from stupid proponents.
    In any meanings, there’s no such thing national interest by provoking neighbors, but becoming polite and getting along with them.
    We’re nothing but a member of Asia.

  • derrickc

    So, Japan used force before. But now suddenly, no one else is allowed to? Besides, by sending ships through disputed sea waters rather than simply landing troops, they are still leaving a gap for Abe and his administration to come to terms with the Chou Enlai deal. This is not force. This is the deal that every other nation knows about, but was stricken from Japan’s own records, and because Japanese politicians don’t believe anything outside their territory actually exists, they will never acknowledge. As another poster said, they’re just “sticking fingers in their ears and saying, ‘LALALALA'”.

    • Carlo Lopez

      You’re using facts from 1937 — 76 years has passed. 2 Atomic bombs have been dropped on Japan, by the US none the less, they’ve banned the use of nuclear weapons since, have 0 in stock – unlike China, this generation of Japanese apologized for the atrocities that occurred during the times of their fathers/grandfathers, has not engaged any wars or stolen territories, graciously helped the poorer countries in Asia and you’re still stuck at Nanking?

      If you’re so hell bent on the past, why don’t you just go back? You and China are so alike, they love to claim territories back when electricity hasn’t been invented…actually even further back, back when Mongols on horseback controlled China and The Great Wall was still new

      Thank goodness the Italians have sense if not they’d claim most of Europe.

  • Shatruntapa Patel

    Seems to me that derrickc & Nancy have nothing better to do than repeat Chinese imperialist propaganda.

    derrickc is a clown who is still fighting WW2.

    China is already an empire which occupies Tibet & East Turkestan (or Xinjiang as they call it) which makes up 1/3rd of its territory. It is flooding these areas with Han settlers to colonize them.

    Welcome to China, 2013: “Look at us, we are victims of Nanking, we will make a big show about the “rape of Nanking” even as we rape Tibetans & Uighurs day in and day out”

    China’s history is about imperialism over non Han populations where as Japan’s aggression is limited to 6 years under Hideyoshi & post Meiji.

    Shi Huang Di who first united China was a typical Han imperialist & that was 2000+ years ago. Now China is reverting back to its old ways including the “Middle Kingdom” mentality and everyone in Asia should be their vassals according to them. Well may be derrickc & Nancy are willing but the rest of Asia is not.

    China makes absurd territorial claims against everyone of its neighbors from Tajikistan to India to the Philippines. I guess Abe is to blame for that too?

    • CharlieMurphy!

      They have no proof of their territory in south east asian waters other than an “ancient” map that was most logically made exclusively for navigation – to conduct trade, and nothing else. They forge their claim and ignore the fact that natives of south east asia has been living in south east asia for 66 thousand years.

      The Chinese government have no documented proof to show other than a map. That’s why they would rather settle disputes “bilaterally” meaning one-on-one extortion. And another reason why they would not settle the dispute through the UN (which they are a member of).

      • Sean “McScottish”

        whereas the Japanese have a LOT of proof of the invasion of the ryukyuans. Are you next going to insist that taiwan be returned to Japan as well?

      • CharlieMurphy!

        Since you brought up Taiwan, actually, Taiwan was originally owned by the native Austronesians of South East Asia around 900 BC (if I remember correctly). But you don’t hear any country from the south historically claiming it back do you? Only China with their bogus claim on South East Asia.

        “The Austronesian-speaking people are various populations in Southeast Asia and Oceania that speak languages of the Austronesian family. They include Taiwanese aborigines; the majority ethnic groups of East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Madagascar, Micronesia, and Polynesia.”

    • Sean “McScottish”

      Your logic is impeccable! Because if China is wrong, then Japan is right, by default.

      And Taiwan shall never be acknowledged. Seems like a dinner party of small nations served up between China and Japan. And you sound like their foremost evangelist. May I remind you, that Japan had a hand in the creation of the Communist Chinese party, both in mutual enemies during WW2, and then years of constant payments and betrayal of the REAL US ally, the Kuomingtang.

      You are merely claiming that Japan Hegemony is Best Hegemony. Mr… “Patel”

  • William

    Status quote between China and Japan was broken by Japan’s decision to nationalise the island…. Abe is making use of the current situation for his own political agenda, which is a real shame.

  • 9.dashed.brain

    It’s not like it’s only Japan who feels China’s unlawful aggressions. Just like the town bully, the only way to smack some sense into China is for the neighborhood to band together, by asking the neighboring town strongman friend to come over, or by calling the police.