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Osaka police allegedly filed false reports, committed perjury


Osaka Prefectural Police officers falsified reports on a man who assaulted a senior cop at a police station and they committed perjury during his trial, investigative sources have alleged.

The sources said the reports concerned an incident in which the 40-year-old man, a drug suspect, was arrested for obstructing the officer at the police station in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture.

The man, held on drug charges last Dec. 2, allegedly hit the senior officer who was trying to separate him from other detainees and take him to a separate, protective room after he began shouting in a detention cell.

A different police officer on duty at the time then filed a report saying the senior officer decided to take the man to the protection room, but his superior ordered him to file a false report saying the man was moved from the detention cell on orders from a higher-ranking officer who was not at the scene.

The report said the senior officer followed the chain of command in handling the incident. Two reports were made for the case, including one written by the higher-ranked officer who was not at the scene.

Another police officer who took over the case apparently realized that the higher-ranked officer was not at the scene as indicated in the report while investigating the site where the alleged assault occurred. But he also went along with the falsified report.

The officers in testimony upheld what was stated in the falsified reports during the man’s trial before the Osaka District Court’s Sakai branch in March, but the reports were not admitted as evidence due to objections from the man’s counsel.

The court was set to rule on the case on May 7, but it has decided to reassess the credibility of the police officers’ witnesses testimony on June 25 after prosecutors called for a resumption of proceedings because they suspect evidence was falsified.

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