Snow falls in Hokkaido, while mercury rises in southwestern Japan


The Japanese archipelago experienced both wintry and summerlike temperatures Monday, with snow falling on the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido and the mercury rising in areas ranging from eastern to southwestern Japan, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Snow accumulation of up to 14 centimeters was recorded in parts of Hokkaido, with snowfall of 3 cm observed in Obihiro — the first snow accumulation in eight years seen in May in the city — in the morning when the lowest temperature there was 0.2 C.

Parts of Tokyo and Kyoto as well as a number of other areas in eastern to western Japan saw temperatures of more than 25 C due to a high pressure system, while the mercury soared to 30.2 C in Misato town, Miyazaki Prefecture, in southwestern Japan.

  • David Bell

    Yuck! Summer in Japan is dreadful. Give me her beautiful winters anytime and I’m Australian!