Japan universities best in Asia: poll


Japan has come first in a ranking of Asia’s top 100 universities, with 22 in the group, according to data released Thursday by the London-based Times Higher Education magazine.

The University of Tokyo came first in the magazine’s table, followed by National University of Singapore in second place and the University of Hong Kong in third position.

  • Phillip

    I wonder how many students from these “best in Asia” Japanese unis can actually read the Times Higher Education magazine?

    • Joyce

      Graduates from National University of Singapore can, for sure. And we are the 2nd best. ;)

    • Yoshitaka Ueki

      thax for caring about it. We can and do.

    • How many so-called native English speakers can speak a second language?

    • That’s very sarcastic. Just because these students do not understand English magazines, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are inferior to others.

    • KENロウェル

      You don’t know much about UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO.

  • kyushuphil

    This article has but two sentences?

    Japan’s “higher” ed gets its laurels sung in but two sentences — no more? — no critical subordinate clauses? — no comparative perspectives from what happens in different places?

    OK. OK. I got it. “Best” now devolves only into what can be most stupidly tweeted.