Spring pollen count expected to explode


The Environment Ministry is warning hay fever sufferers to expect more cedar and cypress pollen this spring than last year.

The annual wave of cedar pollen is expected to peak in early to mid-March in Tokyo, Nagoya and western Japan, and in early to mid-April in the Tohoku region, the ministry said Friday.

It also expects heavy pollen around 10 to 20 days before and after these peak times.

The cedar pollen will start to emerge around mid-February on the Pacific side west of the Kanto region, and spread north through late March, according to the ministry.

In general, the peak of the dispersion is expected to last longer than last year. Some areas in Kanto, Tohoku and the Tokai region could get up to seven times more pollen, it said.

  • gnirol

    Achoo! And Ugh! Just what we need.

  • Tyas

    Oh great…
    Suffering from asthma due to house dust isn’t a pleasure, now we got a pollen explosion to brighten up the party ><'

  • nobuo takamura

    I’m just wondering when to start to take a preventative medicine. Various ones are advised.
    Everything rotates one year after another. Fundamental ones are needed.

  • Gaijin de la Mancha

    Ahh… the “Environment Ministry.” Can somebody in the electorate actually explain what this ministry is, what they actually do, their funding, and the ridiculous legislation that created it? I’ll bet if you ask 10,000 Nihonjin, not ONE will have ANY IDEA. Now, this “ministry” dutifully reports that “the” pollen count is “expected” to explode? Really? Since when is pollen an “explosive?” Perhaps pollen is now considered by yet ANOTHER branch of the same “Environment Ministry” to be a “pollutant?” Evidently, all that OTHER pollen from OTHER plants doesn’t mean anything? Sigh… It’s unfortunate that the reporting of “news” has globally degenerated into irrational and thoughtless spouting of NON-issues that don’t actually exist. The only actual “news” revealed in this “article” is the existence of yet another kleptocratic government agency that REALLY needs to be eliminated.