Japan agrees crash of Osprey in April was caused by human error


Japanese experts have concluded that the fatal April crash of a U.S. Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey in Morocco was caused by human error, a finding in line with the outcome of a U.S. investigation released earlier this month, defense officials said Saturday.

Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto is planning to visit Okinawa and Yamaguchi prefectures Wednesday and Thursday to explain the results of Japan’s investigation to local senior officials and try to gain their support for allowing Osprey flights in Japan.

The Defense Ministry will formally release the results, saying there were no mechanical problems, as early as Tuesday, the officials said.

The government opted to conduct its own assessment of the crash amid strong opposition to the planned October deployment of the tilt-rotor transport aircraft at the Futenma base in Okinawa.

Twelve Ospreys remain at the Iwakuni base in Yamaguchi Prefecture after being unloaded there July 23 for test flights before they are moved to Futenma, which is in a crowded residential area in Ginowan.