Nissan to use Leaf credits for forest conservation


Nissan Motor Co. has launched a fund to use carbon credits generated by the use of its Leaf electric vehicles to support the installation of quick charging facilities and forest conservation activities.

Nissan is soliciting Leaf owners to participate in the program.

Because the Leaf emits no carbon dioxide, owners are calculated to earn carbon emission credits equivalent to the 0.9 ton of carbon dioxide generated a year by a gasoline-powered vehicle.

The Nissan Zero Emission Fund will receive emission credits from participating Leaf owners and sell them to the Green Investment Promotion Organization, set up by the government to promote investment in low carbon emissions.

Profits earned by the sale of credits will be invested by the fund.

For the first year of the program, Nissan expects the fund to invest some ¥18 million in forest conservation in Yamanashi Prefecture and other activities.

The Leaf can travel about 200 km on a single charge, enough for most commutes and shopping trips.