Alleged stalker charged in slayings


Prosecutors charged a 27-year-old man Thursday with murdering two Nagasaki relatives of a woman whose family had reported was being stalked.

Gota Tsutsui was charged with stabbing to death Mitsuko Yamashita, 56, and her mother-in-law, Hisae, 77, at their home in Saikai, Nagasaki Prefecture, on Dec. 16.

Tsutsui is claiming that he believed they had brought Yamashita’s daughter back to their home against her will, according to the indictment. Previous reports, however, said that family had persuaded the stalking victim to return to her family home in Nagasaki to get away from the accused.

The woman’s relatives were slain before police made any attempt to investigate because the officers involved went off on a three-day pleasure trip.